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*** PRE ORDER *** This Story Is Not About A Kitten

*** PRE ORDER *** This Story Is Not About A Kitten

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*** PRE ORDER *** Due 4th October

By Randall De Séve & Carson Ellis

A heartwarming picture book about a neighbourhood coming together to help a kitten find a home.

Contrary to what you may believe, this story is not about a kitten, hungry and dirty, scared and alone, needing a home. It is also not about the dog who heard the kitten meowing sadly. Even less so about the woman and child walking the dog, who stopped when their dog heard the kitten. Nor is it about the friends who brought a box for the kitten, or the man who offered it some milk.

No, this story is not about a kitten at all--well, maybe a little--but more importantly this is a story about community, compassion, and generosity.

Randall de Sève's thoughtful and warm story is sure to fill readers of all ages with hope and the warm fuzzy feeling that rescuing animals brings. Wonderfully complemented by Carson Ellis's breathtaking illustrations, this book is sure to be cherished by animal-loving readers everywhere!

Random House Studio 
40 pages