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*** PRE ORDER ***  The History of Information

*** PRE ORDER *** The History of Information

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*** DUE September 2024 ***

By Chris Haughton

The debut nonfiction book from bestselling author and illustrator Chris Haughton that explores the story of information throughout human history.

We are used to technology improving all the time. Next year we will have better phones, cars, and technology. What is it that makes technology improve rather than stay static or even fall into decline? The answer is information. If we can record knowledge we can collect and share it. We can continue adding to it and it grows and grows.

It hasn't always been like this. For a long time, human progress was very slow or static. At some points it felt like our progress even ran backward! But the ability to record information in the form of writing and collecting data has caused an explosion of technological progress. This book tells the story of how we came to collect information, and what it means for us.

DK Publishing


144 Pages